Research & Development

Wellcall understands the market as well as the trends that drive customer behavior. The focus of research and development (R&D) in Wellcall is to fulfill and customize the product based on customer requirement. Another important task is the development of innovative solutions to fulfil specific market and customer requirements.
An important goal of R&D work is to minimize production costs, regardless of whether they are achieved by material savings, optimization of existing production processes or the developing of innovative new manufacturing processes. The reduction of material use and the substitution by alternative materials are top priorities in the light of the continuous increase in raw material costs. With the professionalism of R&D, the company productivity would not be affected even shortage of material in the market.
The company focus is on continuous improvement. R&D is essential to the success of our industry, and we aim to be at the forefront with investing and developing the use of new technologies as well as enhancing existing products with emerging technologies.

Laboratory & Facilities

In order to provide safe-usage and quality hose to our customers, we continuously improve our research laboratory and facilities as well as the technology in manufacturing the rubber hose. Some of the facilities include are as shown below. The testing parameter we used to keep track and improve our product quality consist of elongation, tensile strength, fiction test, tear strength, ozone, curing characteristic, ageing property, specific gravity and hardness.
  • Mooney viscometer
  • Pressure testing equipment
  • Rheometer
  • Air aging oven
  • Tensile testing machine
  • Specific gravity meter
  • Abrasion tester (ISO 4649)
  • Laboratory two roll mill
  • Ozone chamber
  • Hardness meter


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